Advanced Charting

Understand how Forex works through professional charts

Boost your trading techniques with a full suite of personalized features that allow you to create workspaces that go hand by hand with the trading style that you have chosen, in order to have accurate analysis. The charting we are offering are powered by TradingView.

Each asset in the global market writes their story in graphics. Discover the most potent assets through powerful charting features.

Open positions

Rapid trading on currencies, stocks, commodities. See the positions opened plotted on live charts.

Observe and analyze markets

Chose between 38 technical indicators. Now features live interactive charting on 21 different timeframes.

Own your account

Own and monitor your account details and access reports quickly and easily.

Monitor watchlists & alerts

Create personalized watchlists and audible rate alerts so you never miss a move.

Find the opportunity and do not let it go

Easy and fast procedures to open positions, review them, put orders on the charts. All modifications are done by using drag and drop.

Outstanding accurate analysis

Select any of 50 indicators, advanced drawing tools, and chart types…

Appealing personalization

All layouts are responsive to different types of devices and browsers. You will not waste a minute readjusting.

Be safe with us

Trade on platforms developed to accomplish the all requests of traders.

The trading platforms that we are offering have been custom built to deliver maximum performance, flexibility, and speed. You will take advantage of sophisticated trading features, professional charting tools, integrated market insights and more.