Wallarmax Webtrader

Explore Trading is the main trading section of the platform. It offers traders a simple yet professional trading experience across a large selection of instruments.

Traders can select and view Forex instruments, Commodities, Indices, Crypto and more. Each instrument contains updated rates, trading options, and charts for analysis.

1.Instrument Card general information
2.Instrument page information
3.Various Strategies
4.Copy-Paste strategies
5.Apps for Android and iOS devices.

Market Analysis

The Markets Analysis section displays technical chart patterns and daily videos. It provides education and market research tools for the traders.Below you can see patterns for specific instruments that are very useful to understand the current direction of the market and quickly assess trading opportunities.
The displayed patterns are the most common technical chart patterns that appear in the Forex Markets.


This section covers daily financial topics and
market reviews published throughout the day.


A fast-updating Economic Calendar covers
all important events and releases that affect
the Forex Markets.

Portfolio (Trade / Positions status)

The trading account information footer is present on every section of the Web trading platform. In the footer, traders can see their Balance, Open P/L, Equity, and the most recent open positions.

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